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Dental Microscope

In an effort to stay abreast with the most current advances in dental technology, our office has integrated microscope dentistry into our practice. We understand that advances in technology allow us to promote a higher quality of dental care. Microscope dentistry allows us to perfect every day procedures, such as gum grafting or osseous surgery, through the use of high magnification. The microscope along with its fiber optic light allows us to detect problems that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.

Traditionally, dentists will use loupes to enhance vision during treatments. However, loupes only allow dentists to increase magnification to a limited extent. By adding microscope dentistry to our practice, we are now able to increase magnification to six different levels. That’s 3 to 20 times the normal size! This advancement in magnification allows us to detect microscopic issues and correct them before they become larger problems. This type of preventive care is best for our patients and we are proud to include it in most procedures.

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