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Erbium Hard Tissue Laser

Hoya Conbio is an industry leader in the research and development of dental lasers. The Erbium laser is the “all purpose” laser that allows us the ability to treat a variety of dental needs effectively and efficiently.

The Erbium laser is a hard tissue laser with the ability to cut hard tissue (enamel) and soft tissue. The primary use of this laser, however, is to remove decayed parts of a tooth in preparation for a filling. The extreme precision of the laser technology ensures that we are able to keep intact as much of the healthy tooth as possible.

The Erbium laser does not have the whiney, vibration noises associated with a drill. Instead, the Erbium laser is a quiet and virtually painless procedure that keeps more of the tooth structure in place. In fact, in must treatments, anesthetic is not needed.  This allows us to perform your dental procedure without needles or making you numb so you can get back to your day more quickly.

The Erbium laser is used for a variety of procedures but is most commonly used in the removal of decay in preparation for a filling. It can also be used in a gingival (gumline) recontouring procedure and to prep or shape the teeth before composite bonding.  This kinder, gentler laser procedure allows us to have better accuracy and reliability during your procedure, which means better dental care and results. 

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